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    2019 always charges to 100%

    Pair the Keyfobs to a Profile (other than Guest) & configure for the scheduled charging. My wife & I have 2 different Profiles paired to each of our own keyfobs, but have established identical charge profiles on the scheduler. The only time our charge schedule disappears is when the car is...
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    Most efficient LRR tire to replace Ecopia 422

    Consider the Nokian One to replace the Ecopia
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    Scratches inside headlight

    realize this is an older thread. What you are seeing is called plastic crazing & are stress cracks. The usual cause is a manufacturing design flaw & in the case of the photo shown on this thread, it "should be" an issue that should be reported to the NHTSA to force VW into a recall. It is...
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    Chrome Trim Recall

    It has been lobbied for a long time to get this recall to happen. I have read accounts from owners who got chrome" slivers" under their finger nails. We do not have this wear on our 2019. "Coupled with Sunlight wear." Primary culprit are people who wear jewelry on their right hand. OR also...
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    The end of Car-Net connection Function

    For Model Year 17-19 Volkswagen Vehicles As of February 22, 2022, the VW Car-Net telematics system will no longer function and the vehicle will no longer transmit or receive telematics data through the Car-Net system. However, Volkswagen has identified a technical solution that will restore your...
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    What’s a “good” miles/kWh?

    Exactly the same experience with my 2019 SE with 15K. Add to that, with studded snows in the winter the efficiency drops to 2.9-3.4 miles/kWh. Alas this is our around town/errand/appointment/shopping car.
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    USA Maintenance Supplement re: Brake Fluid Change -anyone else?

    I got the same last week in the mail. As I am also a Pre-booker for the ID4, I immediately thought my letter from VWoA was for my Pre-Book, so I opened it like a kid at Christmas. Total BUST. Placed the supplement into the glove box book.
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    e-golf owner in seattle

    Is it the Get service message or a needs service there is a problem message? If it is the message as mentioned by kpache. The only thing you need to also do is: uncheck any person profiles in the infotainment system prior to clearing the code. There is a software bug that blocks the code...
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    How to disable automatic 3-blink turn signal?

    I will look. Vielen Dank!
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    How to disable automatic 3-blink turn signal?

    I would not be surprised if this value could be adjusted via OBD11. For me, I would like to adjust it to a longer duration. Increasing it from 3 to 5 flashes. If the flasher design can be adjusted via OBD11, it would figure other adjustments could be made as well.
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    Purchasing an eGolf in Massachusetts

    Scott, Did you make that trip up to Windsor? Sorry, it has been a busy March. If you haven't, I realize that there is not much north of Brattleboro DC charger. You'd basically get up to Windsor (best efficiency up Rt 5.) There is a free Level 2 at Annes Plainfield Country Store just north...
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    2020 e-Golf cancelled

    The 2019 was the last year of the MK VII. The Mark 8's are all Hybrid oriented. Personally I think it is a backwards step, but I am seeing that VW has supply chain issues for "all BEV" for the VW "group" The output for the ID series batteries isn't optimized & also supply chain issues. The...
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    Looking to Buy/Lease 2019

    I believe the strakes around the LED lights (GTI) started around e-Golfs assembled after Nov of 2018 for the 2019 model year. Mine was assembled in Sept & does not have the strakes.
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    Key fob battery life

    My keyfob battery died yesterday. So since my car rolled off the line in Sept of 2018, the battery lasted for 17 months. I have read elsewhere that using the door sensor to lock, instead of the keyfob to lock, lengthens the lifetime. My wife locks the car exclusively by this method & she...
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    Purchasing an eGolf in Massachusetts

    Scott, If you are in eastern Mass the only question is whether you can get a Level 2 charger at your home. The Level 1 that comes with the car will only add about 4 miles per hour (in summer). That charger is also a back up, not intended for daily use. Get a Juicebox 40 or a Clipper Creek...
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    A few questions

    Rain sensing wiper camera for the win. We're you in Normal mode or Eco Mode? In Eco mode, the car becomes stingy with power to the heater. Connect via bluetooth? or via USB?
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    No 2020 e-Golf after all (original press kit updated on 10/29/19)

    Perhaps consider that the fine print is offer. Does that court order specifically state "new" models? Look at all the e-Golfs that are coming off lease that are being offered as certified pre-owned.
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    No 2020 e-Golf after all (original press kit updated on 10/29/19)

    The MKVIII will not come in an "e-Golf" variant. VW is releasing hybrid benzene-diesel-natural gas/electric & plug-in hybrid variants for the MKVIII. They are banking on the home market for EV with the "ID3/MEB platform", followed by China (ID4). I can see why they would build their next ID...
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    CarNet issues

    If an App redirects or opens a web browser, then it is not an App. Everything I see indicates that VW has failed those who shell out $$$ yearly. I would suggest drivers call their Attorney General Office. They would be more than interested to hear from you. Not like they haven't had issues...
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    Best strategies for increasing range?

    The sweet spot speed reaches its plateau at about 45mph. Once you are driving faster than that, the car is consuming more than balancing regen to pull. The cruise control locks the car to the set speed, up or down in terrain. The programming for the regen detects/ is real sensitive to regen...