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    CCS Chargers New York City area

    Hey does anyone know if the BMW of Manhattan CCS charger indicated on plugshare is usable by the general public?
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    Apple CarPlay / Mirror Link VW eGolf 2015 / CES

    Hey Guys, At CES, there is a youtube video detailing that the eGolf will have mirror link (to bring in android/iPhone into the eGolf's cabin, they said that this will happen before 2016. Does anyone know if the current infotainment setup will be updatable to support mirrorlink? FYI youtube...
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    Farewell, for now.

    Hi In2insight, Can you share what the issues were as a recap on this thread?
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    Hey Jables, So what was your deal?
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    Cold Temperatures effect on eGolf Range

    I see, I guess what your saying is that you started out with 79 miles of range in a 45 degree garage. If this is what you are saying then that is encouraging :) seems like others got less. Thanks for the reply!
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    Cold Temperatures effect on eGolf Range

    Thanks guys for the quick reply, That sounds consistent with what they experienced with the FIT EV battery, I'd be interested to hear if very cold weather decreases range even further, i.e. 20 - 30 Miles of Range in temperatures of 20 - 40 degrees F. New York City is filled with extreme...
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    Cold Temperatures effect on eGolf Range

    Hello All, Curious about how cold temperatures are effecting the eGolf's range. If you check the forums on the Honda FIT EV there were many such issues where the range would be decreased substantially on a full charge. Being that we are in the midst of yet another round of the "Polar Vortex" on...
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    Hey Ggggio, That is an excellent deal can I call your sales guy?
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    Hey Ggggio, When you say 12k Mi, you don't mean 12k miles / year do you?
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    Car-net prices

    Hey Friends, Curious, are any of car-nets features for the egolf free as many other vendors see features like remote climate control to be mandatory for an e vehicle I think that it would stand to reason that at least the features other car manufacturers are providing should be free on the...
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    Climate Control in the eGolf

    Hey Friends, Do you guys find that the heating options work well in cold climates and the cooling options work well in hot climates? When I test drove one I noticed that there was not much heat coming from the rear vents. Thanks!
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    Current Incentives?

    Hey in2insight, I thought that the Chargepoint card allowed you free access to the electricity, is this not the case?
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    Our e-Golf lease terms in Northern California

    Hey Cove3, I am also looking to buy in the new york city area. Can you tell me which dealer you went to? Was it Open Road? What were the final terms? 299/mo 1000 down? Please let me know, Thanks
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    New Golf Batteries 2015

    Interesting article, VW has a 5% stake in a cutting edge battery company...
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    CCS Chargers New York City area

    Thanks... Yea my understanding is that there are intermediary protocols that the chargers must speak. I understand this fact and felt the same way as you until I read that TESLA is coming out with a converter for their car which is on a different standard all together.
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    Charging in New York City

    Hi Klusters, Thank you for your reply. That is very sad to say the least, I am sure that there are many people that are willing to deal with the issues inherent with owning an electric vehicle without this hindrance. If New York City is serious, there should be street side charging, progress...
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    CCS chargers in the Los Angeles area

    Very cool... hope to see the same on the east coast :) I am waiting for the first to arrive!
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    CCS Chargers New York City area

    Hello All, Does anyone have any idea about CCS charger future in the North East, so far it looks like there are two in Vermont and many in Canada, but nothing in the New York City area. We currently have many chademo chargers in the area and no CCS so curious if there is or will be a way to...
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    Charging in New York City

    Hey Guys, I am looking to purchase an eGolf, but I am not sure about charging infrastructure in New York City. It seems as though it is all in private parking garages which will require me to pay those garage rates to get access to a charger. If New York City is serious about being a lead city...
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    LAeGolf, it looks like they took down the offer from the VW site. Do you know if it is anywhere else?