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    Charging from home charger or at a public station? More info is better.
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    I bought this one but I heard others work as well. I think the GPS and phone running in the background doesn’t drain much unless I have music apps going.
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    Also use CarPlay but didn’t like the hardwired only option so I bought a usb dongle that uses blue tooth and connects automatically when I get in the car. Very nice for texts and phone calls hands free as well as ABRP and music apps.
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    Need new tires...

    I changed out my Ecopias for some Conti procontact and have noticed a huge improvement in handling and no more wheel spin. I went with these based on one of highest scores of Low Rolling Resistance from consumer reports. I did see a hit in my range but it that was my choice for going with a GTI...
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    eGolf wheel & tire recommendations

    Ok finally took the plunge and upgraded the wheels and tires. Found the lightest reasonably priced flow formed alloys , Fastwheels FC04 in 18x8 with 5mm spacers on the rear and 225/40-18 Conti Pure Contact (excellent low rolling resistance and grip) same as others have found with about 10% loss...
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    [Sticky] Charging Times clarified for all models and levels

    Hey I have been trying to figure out the fastest 120 v charger I can use on a 20 amp plug I have access to at work. My Delphi charger that came with the car said 21 hours to charge and it said 10 amp on the back. The best one I could find said it was a 16 amp and it did drop the charge time down...