12v battery question

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Mar 23, 2021
2016 SEL out of warranty

i just got the message that my 12v battery isn't charging. car won't move.
battery has an in service date of 11/20 so its strange for it to be bad.

would you all take it to the dealer for them to run a full diagnostic or just replace the battery and take your chances?
How do you know battery has an in service date?

What is brand and model of battery?

Why was original battery replaced?
there's a sticker on the battery...i guess it's really a manufacturing date, not in-service...it says 11/20
it's a VW AGM battery
i bought it used with this battery so no clue why it was replaced.
Find out if it is the correct battery for the e-Golf. If doesn’t drive, then you might as well buy a new battery and see what happens as I suspect towing will cost a lot. Get OBD eleven and check for fault codes.
had the same situation. battery swap alone didn't fix it, had to clear codes. Then i was good.

I still have an electric problem ineed to figure out though. Will be dropping off to the dealer today while i
still have warranty left.