2016 e-Golf makes scratchy sound when turning off

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Dec 11, 2022
I googled quite a bit for an answer prior to this post and couldn't find anything helpful.

I have a 2016 e-Golf with 40,000 miles that has worked very well. In the last month or so, I have noticed that it makes some scratchy sound (there is a link below where I recorded one instance) for about 10-15 seconds when I turn it off. It does the same sound, when off, but say I open/close the door, or plug the charging cable. I.e. anytime it 'wakes up' the battery, but still on an off state. This is in place of the usual humming/whirring that the car used to make. In fact, after done with the scratchy sound, I may hear the humming/whirring for another few seconds. My sense is that part of the humming/whirring sound is replaced by the scratchy sound.

I don't believe I have heard the sound when the car is running. Otherwise, the car runs fine (knock on wood). I am just worried this is some signal to some imminent problem. I haven't done any different driving. I do tend to run it on Eco+ in the winter months to get some decent mileage from each charge, but I have been doing every year.

My next stop would be the VW shop, but they will probably charge me >$100 just for diagnostic alone. Any suggestion what this may be and what possible solution may be there, would be appreciated.

Thank you!