A/C issues need advice

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May 15, 2018
So after about 7 visits to different dealers, no one can diagnose a gremlin that causes my a/c to come on when the car is parked. Plugged in/not plugged in locked or unlocked. When I hear it on the garage, I can open the door and the a/c light is on and I can press it and it goes off. This is without the key present, thus the car is not 'on'. Anyway, I have given up on this problem, so I am want to tackle it another way. I am looking for a wire I can put a relay on that will prevent the compressor for being able to turn on when the ignition is off. Would anyone have an idea how to locate such a wire ?
Have you tired rebooting display (by pressing and holding power/volume button)?

Almost sounds like pre-conditioning is turned on. Maybe wipe out all of your delayed charge settings?

What year/model is your e-Golf?
It is 2016, I have tried all that believe me. This is the final option. Thanks
Don’t you need carnet to change delayed charging settings? Isn’t carnet dead?

When dis problem begin in relation to the death of carnet?