Circular marks on the rear (hatch) window

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eGolf2015 said:
cynandvinecar said:
eGolf2015 said:
So...the VW warranty folks have decided that they would rather replace the rear glass from the get-go rather than letting me try tinting first and only replacing the glass if that doesn't work.

I'm not especially excited to have the fixed glass replaced in a brand-new car, but it looks like we'll be taking it in later this week to have it done.

Regarding the clay bar, have you tried breathing on the windows to verify that the marks are completely gone? I bought a clay bar kit the other day and tried it for myself on the interior and exterior of the glass to no avail. (Although it worked wonders on my MkIV Jetta's paint job!)
Well here is where I am now beginning to lose faith in VW. When I went to pick the car up I was told they couldn't reproduce the circles in the shop but went ahead and clay barred it anyway. I immediately breathed on the inside of the glass and sure enough the circles were gone so at that point it wasn't worth getting into it with them. But the circles have definitely gone, we've had damp days here and no problem.
The delay charging is a different matter however, they are now pointing the finger at Bosch but somehow are having trouble replacing my unit. Corporate service guy has bailed handing me off to Customer care, they are in denial that there is anything wrong with Carnet.

The dealer just received our replacement glass and it has similar circle markings on it. Waiting to find out what the next step will be. They've already stated that the warranty will be void if we try to solve the problem by tinting, so I'm not sure where that will leave us.

If any of you have observed the same circle marks on your window(s) but haven't chimed in here yet, please do. I've pointed my VW contacts to this thread, so the more anecdotal support you can provide, the more likely they'll take ownership and try to find a solution that works for everyone.

It's a shame that VW is not owning up to Car-net's numerous problems. Even the Car-net rep I've been dealing with as a go-between for the software engineers has told me that there are widespread issues that Car-net is trying to resolve with VW. What's the name of the person that you were talking to at VW regarding delayed charging? Perhaps if a few dozen of us also contacted him to report the same lack of functionality they'll admit there's a problem and do something about it.

I've seen the circles on mine, but haven't done anything to deal with it.
Can anyone post a pic of it?
I am just curious what it looks like.
Might help dealers to know what it looks like too
tigger19687 said:
Can anyone post a pic of it?
I am just curious what it looks like.
Might help dealers to know what it looks like too

I didn't take any photos of my window, but I found this pic that someone else posted online:

Pretty similar to what I saw on our car, including the irregular pattern and variety of sizes and styles of circle.

Since it didn't look like the issue was going to be resolved by VW any time soon (if at all), we decided to just go ahead and tint the window the other day. So far, so good - the circles have not appeared, and the tint appears to be holding tight to the glass, even where the circles had appeared. Only time will tell, though.
Those look like the suction cups they use to move the plates of glass .

They do look funny tho :lol:
I just noticed two circles on mine as well this week one damp morning. There must have been some grimy suction cups in the Wolfsburg factory or wherever the windows were made. I didn't see any clues in these factory videos, but they are fun to watch anyway.

Mine has an appointment at the dealer's detailer for some scratch repair. I'll have them look at that too and ask about the clay bar treatment.
Thanks snAKes, the video was really cool. I have been in an Intel factory, and for fear of copycats, they never allow any video to record the production processes. They call it intellectual property.

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