e-Golf and Tesla Universal Wall Connector

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May 30, 2019
Following up my posts about Enel X JuiceBox EVSEs, I decided to take them out, sell them on eBay, and replace them with Tesla Wall Connectors. Sigh...

I am now having charging issues with the Tesla Universal Wall Connector (Gen 3) and my e-Golf. While the car charges when immediately plugging into the Wall Connector, it does not respond to a timed charging event after plugging in. So, first question, has anyone out there successfully used the Tesla Universal Wall Connector with their e-Golf?

I just spent over an hour with the Tesla tech support, and they confirmed that things are not right. They seem to think that the VW is sending conflicting messages about the timed event to the wall connector. They have asked me to contact VW before going any further. Second question, any advice on how to pierce the seemingly impenetrable wall of VW customer service? I cannot find an email address, so I have tried to call... still waiting for a reply.
An update: Tesla pushed new firmware, 23.24.4-11ab530, to my Tesla Universal Wall Connector (TUWC). With it I needed to re-commission the unit, go to the Access Controls page and select a new option "Compatibility Mode" (before, the only non-Tesla option was "All Vehicles," which remains an option on the new page). Upon selecting the "Compatibility Mode," there is a warning that not all functions may be available under this option, though there is no explanation of what these may be.

Once set up this way, it appears now that everything is working for my VW e-Golf. I noticed a change immediately upon plugging in, with the usual indications by the e-Golf charge port LEDS that communication was occurring (this did not happen before with other firmware versions for the TUWC). It appears as if I can now charge immediately as well as via timed events, including both the Scheduled Charging set in the Tesla app and as set by departure times in the e-Golf's e-manager.

I will report back if there are any remaining issues, but hopefully my problems are solved!