How to resynchronize a new key fob ?

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It should be the same as re-syncing a Mark VII regular Golf key fob. Try this
One of the key fobs for my 2016 SEL stopped working. (Even with a new battery, after cleaning the contacts.) So I ordered a new fob online from a VW dealer that offered a discount. I assumed that I could synch it myself following the instructions in the Owner's Manual (page 47) entitled `Synchronizing the remote control vehicle key' which are essentially the same as this YouTube video. But when the key arrived I was unable to synch it. So I called the dealer that supplied the fob and was informed that this can only be done by a dealer because they need to activate the car's system to accept the new key. There is nothing about this in the Owner's Manual which certainly implies that I can do it myself. Does anyone have experience with this problem?
Unfortunately, the eGolf's utilize the latest anti-theft protocol which only authorized personnel (i.e. dealership) can access. You'll need to get it paired at the dealer. The VCDS will not help you.