Ignition on and charger connected

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Dec 23, 2016
I stupidly tried to start the car before disconnecting the charger, but now I cannot recover. Ignition is on and I cannot turn it off. Clicking key or repeated pressing ignition button do not do anything. Charger is locked and pressing unlock on the key fob has no effect because the ignition is on. Front parking lights are on too, which means the batter will run down. Only possibility I can think of is to disconnect the 12v battery and see if that will allow a reset.

Car is 2016 with 30K miles, never had any issues before.

Problem is solved after a lot of attempts with pressing the brake with repeated ignition presses. After several unsuccessful tries it finally turned off the ignition and then I was able to remove the charger. Seems like this must have been a random computer glitch.