Leasing a 2019/20 eGolf in San Francisco Bay Area

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May 11, 2016
Our family had positive experience with a 2016 SE that we had under a 42 month lease through VW Credit,
Wondering which dealership in the Bay Area is aggressive in leasing these vehicles. I have talked to a number of dealerships and the numbers are relatively close, nowhere close to my last lease ($2,500 down/$198mo. incl. tax for 12K mi),
Thanks for your time!
2016 SE
When the lease was up on my 2016 SE back in January, I found that current lease deals are nowhere near as good as they were a few years ago.

Instead, I and a bunch of other people ended up buying a 2019 SE. There are incredible discounts on it right now. Check out the other threads on this board: instead of paying $10,000 for a 3-year lease, you can buy one for $13k to $17k after the tax rebates.

However if you're truly set on leasing again, take a look at the website http://ev-vin.blogspot.com/