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2015 e-golf volkswagen

North American Pricing

Announced August 25th, 2014, the pricing for the USA e-Golf starts at $35,445 for the fully  equipped SEL Premium model.

European e-Golf Pricing

The e-Golf has been available in Germany since February 2014, at a starting price of €34,900. The second generation e-Golf with the 35.8kWh battery went on sale in February 2017, and starts at €35,900. Until July 2, 2017, there is a 4,000 Euro environmental bonus available.

In the United Kingdom, the Golf electric starts at £25,845 ($42,480 USD)

In Norway, the base E Golf starting price is 244 000 NOK

The Netherlands gets the Volkswagen e-Golf for 35,490,- Euro (= Norwegian Kroner: 298,518.81), and that is inclusive of 21% VAT.

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  1. RexAdam

    On Nov 17, 2017 I bought in California a 2017 eGolf SEL Premium for 30,700. 0% finance. No down. The prices are coming down to make room for 2018s.


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