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E golf wont start thinks charge plug is still connected

Dear members,

I have some problems with mine e golf it wont start anymore because the car thinks the charge plug is still connected but it isnt.

I have readed out with obdeleven and got an static error in the BD module P33E100 it states electric error charge socket A I cant find anything about this error even in Erwin.

I also got a intermiddent error in the C6 module saying P31EA00 what means charge module faulty.

I testen the actuator of the charge plug locking mechanism with obdeleven and it works.

The led indicator permantly leds orange i checken online I found at that it maybe is the bd module fried due water so I replaced it with a second hand and still nothing.

If I disconnect the module the error goes away but still cant start.

Anyone else seen this?

It is an 2017 facelift e golf 7.5
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Re: E golf wont start thinks charge plug is still connected

What is the bd module?
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