12V Battery Charging stops - replacement Power and Control Electronics

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New member
Oct 4, 2023
Hi All,

On our 2016 eGolf, recently the 12V battery charger has stopped working.
The actual symptom is that when the car starts up, the battery does charge for 5 minutes or so, then stops.
When I took it to VW they told me the the DC/DC converter needs replacing and the cost is equivalent of 10,800 pounds sterling!!! Which is more the cars worth! I'm in Hong Kong btw with super inflated prices!

Anyway, long story short, I just drove the car home. There is nothing wrong with the car except this issue, its a shame and against the spirit of a Green Vehicle just to scrap it for one part! So I found a secondhand replacement part. Then will get a local mechanic to help with the replacement.

My question is will this part replacement of the JX1 (5qe907070) need reprogram to get the part working with the ECU? Or is it plug and pray?!