2015 eGolf Battery Life

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Jan 9, 2018
Upstate New York
Into my 9th year of ownership with 62k miles. Vehicle still presents 100 miles of full charge range during summer months. Absolutely no issues with the car. Any comments?
Wonderful. I have nearly 60k miles on my 2017 "big" battery e-Golf. Can drive on highway in summer and get 105-110 miles after using about 80% of pack. My car has also been great.
I just bought a 15 with 72k miles and am seeing ~80 range climbing in right after complete charge. I had thought that it was about this out of the box in 2015? If you're seeing 100 that seems great but above what I thought was standard (80ish)? I haven't just driven mine until close to battery exhaustion so I can't say what true range, just what dash is telling me.