2016 E-Golf gives error when I unplug charger

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Oct 15, 2021
My 2016 e-Golf is behaving strangely. I charge at home overnight. In the mornings, when I unlock the car and unplug the charger, the yellow (or green, depending if it is still currently charging) charging indicator light does not go off and the car will not let me drive. The graphic on the dashboard shows that it is still charging even though the charge cable is not physically connected any more. If I try to "start" the car, it gives an error saying something like: "cannot charge - service vehicle." But, the car does charge as normal.

If I re-plug the charger back in, the indicator light at the charge port turns red. I can unplug it (the light stays red) and after about 5 minutes the red light goes off and the car seems to forget that it had an issue and will work as normal.

Has anyone had this happen or knows what it is? I've been able to get the car going every time, but I worry that one day it won't work. Thanks!
Sounds to me like there is a bad connection between the charge port and the computer.
I don't think so, but to rule out the station you typically use (that is associated with this error), how about you try charging at a variety of public L2 stations?

What EVSE do you typically use to charge your car at home?
Upon further ownership and reading up, one cause of this is that the locking cyclinder above the charge port doesn't fully retract and the egolf thinks it's still plugged in.
check to see if it's protruding and if it is, push it in with your finger, a key, or screwdriver etc and see if that gets you back on the road.. also be prepared to lube it next time.

I know this is an old thread but i'm adding this for people who might be here in the future looking for answers.