ABS / Wheel speed sensor frenzy

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Sep 6, 2023

Shortly first:

My e-golf is the 100 kW 2018. Just recently the warnings went crazy due to some error in the ABS wheel speed sensory (ding, ding, nothing works, limp mode etc). OBD Eleven gave errors on the right front wheel, so I replaced the ABS sensor. But that did not solve the problem. When watching live data from OBD Eleven, the right front wheel gives non-stable reading, when all the other wheels gives sensible values. See the video: https://youtube.com/shorts/cPdElA6gD08?si=hEV36HMQJeqDiN0F

What to do next? Replacing the sensor ring (bearing also?) or going back to the wire harness side and looking the answer from there? OR something else? Below a little further on with the case, starting with a detailed symptoms:

Now when I leave the parking lot, everything seems OK. But the green READY light is lit even if I drive slowly, like walking speed. accelerating a but more, it disappears. I don't know if this is normal, but somehow I remember that when everything works correctly, the READY light goes away right after you are moving just even a little.

When accelerating more, feels like something throbbingly tries to prevent me going forward. It is kind of soft and bouncy, it is not mechanical. A little noise appears, when this happens, i think it is just the ESP braking or something due to the inconsistent wheel speed readings. Hard to explain, but it is a bit shaky when this happens, the "braking" really feels. Computer tries to prevent my moving for a couple of seconds and then gives up, the preventing stops and the display shows the wide selection of non-working functions and goes to some kind of limp mode (slow acceleration, top speed 90km/h.).

Some history for this:

Last spring I felt first signal of this, cause almost every time after leaving the lot and while doing the first normal acceleration on street, the acceleration stalled for a fraction of second. A significant very short braking moment even, lasting a blink of an eye. After that everything went again smoothly and this happened only once per driving session, and not every time but often, when the car has stayed stopped for a while and when leaving the parking lot behind and gathering the speed up on the street. But this problem suddenly disappeared, when my car went to a dealer to get the A/C sensors and valves repaired in the summer. I kind of feel that this has something do with the symptoms now.

Also like 30 minutes and 20 km before this error came up, my wife drove in to a big puddle. Not like Safari Rally style, but a huge, and all the cars had to drive it very slowly. There was no time to measure the depth of course and I wasn't there to evaluate. But said was that it was huge. but all cars could drive thru it thou :) Well, shortly after that short swimming moment, the problem came up. I was driving and suddenly when starting from traffic lights, the preventing things started. First I though it was a flat tyre, cause driving was so shaky. But no. Then I read about the ABS sensors and replaced that.

So what to do next? Is it easy to open the wheel hub to see if the ring is OK? Any other investigations to do? OBD Eleven and common sense and good selection of tools and still warm days available. :)