Charging mystery

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Jul 25, 2021

Three dealerships, the service center in Oxnard, and the regional case manager have given up. I’m desperate, and the people here seem to know more about these cars than anyone I have spoken with.

2019 e-golf SE will randomly stop charging between the 1 and 2 hour mark(at least 3 miles added, but no more than 8) while plugged in to a 110 wall outlet with the cord that came with the car. When we come back to the car, it looks like charging is complete - only the top green light on the charger plugged into the wall will be on and the green light near the port on the car is on. Or if it’s been a while since the charging stops, all the lights are off. Charging will immediately resume if the drivers door is opened, and will continue charging for hours after until turned off or full.

What we know:
•All scheduled charging is off.
•All software updates are installed
•Never happens at a public charging station.
•Dealerships have inspected/tested our charging cord.
•There is never an error code.
•This has happened randomly since the car was new in July, 2019.
•January 2, 2021 car had the “stop! Electrical failure” error.
•The car had 5 battery cell modules replaced in Oxnard in late February, 2021
4 of 5QE-915-599-AK and
1 of 5QE-915-599-AH
•Car charged perfectly March-June, 2021 then random charging shutoff happened three separate times in the first week of July.

Questions that VW can’t/won’t answer that I’m hoping someone here can:

What happens in the charging process between the 1 and 2 hour mark?

Is there a system check or something during charging powered by the traditional 12 volt battery?

What kinds of problems would cause the charging to shut off?

Did all these intermittent failures lead up to the big “STOP! Electrical failure!”? Are we heading down that path again?

Is there a dealership in Southern California with a service staff that actually listens and is very familiar with these electrical systems? I’m willing to drive if someone will help me solve this.

If we’re climbing the complaint ladder, who’s over the regional case manager?

Thanks for reading. Really hoping one of you can solve this.
You said car charges fine at a public L2 station, so you probably have a defective L1 EVSE.
I just had my level 1 evse fail on me after 3 years of ownership. no lights saying it is broken, test and reset buttons didn't help. I would plug in the cable to the car and it would just stay yellow. I think all it took for me for that charger to go out was some recent power outage / surges.
mccdeuce I just found your reply, and that is a very kind offer. I may have to take you up on it at some point. Right now, we’re tracking charging times and miles added hoping to find some clue. A car really shouldn’t be this much trouble.
I just found another spider web in the L2 port on the e-Golf J1772 vehicle inlet. I evicted the spider prior to charging. I'm thinking it would have been nice if VW provided a plug cover.