2017 - 2019 HVAC starts at 72F - Fix?

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Apr 25, 2019
First, there is an extensive thread on this issue for 2015-16 eGolf with a resolution here:

That thread seems to have died down, and calls out only the '15, '16 models in the subject and all correspondence, so new thread for newer model owners...with some bad news.

For anyone with 2018, this fix does NOT work on the 2018 model. I'll photo the service doc and TT issues in the new thread. Basically, there's a step "Select 09- Calibration" and press "Perform", then "Adaptation Channel 5..." (noted in this thread), however, the "08 - Calibration" item doesn't even appear in the menu. Tech felt my pain, agrees this is incredibly dumb. I got the TT printed and highlighted the section missing. I will pursue VW Customer Care and capture on new thread.

For what it's worth I'll attach the salient bits of the 15 pages of discussion regarding this issue on the 2015-16 models below.

This is a refresher for this thread... it is a basic ADAPTATION change, and it is doable, so far, for 2015- 2018 e-Golfs in North America. You need to be VERY specific in your complaint to the service writers at VW, so READ THIS WHOLE THREAD, so you understand how to communicate effectively with the SERVICE WRITER. You will also have MUCH BETTER LUCK with success going during the week to your VW dealership, NOT ON WEEKENDS, because during the week is generally when the e-GOLF Technician GURU's work... they like their weekends off too, so they can drive, play and work on their own cars.

The climate control update is free... you have to make clear to the service writer that it is not functioning correctly, it does not stay turned "Off" and that the the temperature control has a "mind of it's own." By doing so, it's malfunctioning, and covered under warranty. By mentioning the Tech Tip, and the person to speak to, you show knowledge that the problem is fixable, and by opening the VTA line, the solution is easy, and payable as warranty work. Problem solved for dealership, they are getting paid.

Don't be afraid to tell your service adviser that you would like the HVAC to remain to your last setting or even supply them with the tech tip. If you come in and tell them that the HVAC is resetting on its own there will be no repair as it is working as VW designed it to.
I have to bring it back next week for TT 87-15-02 Adaption channel 5, to fix the 72 degree always on at start. Apparently a sever in Germany could not be connected to for that specific update. I will keep you updated. They did wash the car and give it a full charge which was nice.

The example above is as concise and brief as possible on how to get this fix done on your car. Make a note that this is an adaptation performed on port number 5 or window number 5 or channel number 5 on OASIS or OTIS for the service writer and the technician.

Update on my climate control fix: as requested by New Century's service manager, I brought the car in this morning (didn't have time to until now) as per my appointment. I mentioned that my visit was per the service manager. Service advisor (same as the last time) was aware of my impending visit.

He brought over the tech who was going to work on my car, and who apparently worked on it the last time. The tech said the "confusion" was because the specific problem was not articulated in the initial write-up, just a mention of the specific TSB/TT number which he said was applied. I was in and out of there in about 5 minutes. I even brought a to-go breakfast with me that I had just barely begun to bite into when the tech said my car was ready. They didn't even bother with a formal service request order.

I did some errands with the car, came home, and let the car sit for about 2 hours. I get back in, and the settings stayed the same as when I left the dealership this morning. WOOHOO!


I spoke with both of my warranty admins (probably two of the best in the industry IMO) and both said a Tech Tip like 87-15-02 they would be able to get VW to pay. The car would have to be under the factory warranty coverage for us to claim the repair.

He also said if your local dealer does not want to perform it or wants to charge you for performing the Tech Tip to call VW customer care. They want you to be happy and will most likely make the dealer perform the adjustment at no cost.
Here's what I did:
I printed out the service invoice from poster 'sirshan':
http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f39/s ... rkPerf.jpg

Then I wrote these keywords, hoping they might be helpful to the technician:
"Tech Tip 87-15-02"
"Settings ==> Window Number 5"

They did the repair, and on my service invoice it says:
"programmed performed the tech tip reprogram the air condition control head all ok"

Go back reread this whole thread, and tell the service manager to tell the tech where the adaptation is, verbatim. There is a solution, it is fixable. Quote exactly where they need to direct their resources, and that this feature is unacceptable. Your description to the service writer was too vague. If need be, take it down to Sunnyvale or any of the VW dealerships around silicon valley, or telephone and ask a service writer down at one of those dealerships what the newest TSB number is to fix this problem. Also, bring your car in to have this fixed on a weekday, not a weekend, when all the smarter techs are working.

Tell them you do NOT want the minimal power drain reset as the Default setting. You want it reset through Adaptation to remember your last known "climate" settings.


Thanks for this . its funny how non owners ( service advisors and techs ) doesnt think this is an odd setting to have from factory .