2019 always charges to 100%

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Nov 8, 2019
I had a 2016 and never had this issue, but just got a 2019 and whenever I plug it in, it charges to 100%. I'm familiar with the scheduled departures and minimum charge. I have all 3 departures turned on and to max out at 80%, and the minimum charge is set to 30%. But no matter what, as soon as I plug it in it charges to 100%. What am I doing wrong?
Have you pressed the correct button to the left of the charge plug socket? Which button is lit up when you charge?
This is phenomena which i see at my egolf2018 and now i saw at my friends egolf2019. Just situation, i come back to home, and i have only one schledule (at 6 pm) and i plug in clable, even that i pres timer button, it start to charge as without timer. The situation i solve, that i unblock plug, take it off and then back and in this case, start blinking and charging ate proper time in the midnight.
The same bad behaviour occured at my friends egolf2019 too.
I solve this phenomena, that i set first timer at evening with SOC 60% end and the second one timer is at morning at SOC 90% with heating, now in winter.
Another thought, because this has happened to me. Make sure that the charge settings (link on first screen of eManager, not the departure settings) are set to a minimum charge that is less than 100%. This setting will override the departure charge level settings when you first plug in.
I’ve had the car charge to 100% a few times; and I think each time I had accidentally hit the top button in the charging bay. I’d like to just physically remove those buttons and do it all in the app. I usually charge to 80-90%.

A few other times, the car has failed to charge at all overnight, with my Zappi charger in control. I think those times I also hit the same button. After a few hours of trying to charge, the eGolf seems to give up and go on standby! Then it won’t charge at all, even when the Zappi gives it power.

Bottom line: try not to touch that top button in the charging bay!
Pair the Keyfobs to a Profile (other than Guest) & configure for the scheduled charging.

My wife & I have 2 different Profiles paired to each of our own keyfobs, but have established identical charge profiles on the scheduler.

The only time our charge schedule disappears is when the car is powered up & powered off repeatedly during errands. However it always comes back.