2019 eGolf won't charge

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Sep 9, 2022

I purchased a 2019 SEL eGolf used through an online dealer a few months ago. Everything was mostly great for a while! I've used level 1 charging at home and level 2 charging at work, with no issues at all.

This week, I took the car in to the VW dealer in my area for a tire issue. They removed all 4 tires and replaced lug nuts, due to some issue with the previous owner swapping parts out, likely with a set of winter tires. So it drives fine and there are no issues there.
THE DAY AFTER I had the car at the dealer, I went to charge it and now I get the dreaded blinking red light meaning there is some sort of charging failure.
Here is what happens:
I plug the charger in to the car port.
I see/hear the charger fault (there is a click/light turns red on the charger wall unit).
THEN the solenoid lock part on my car comes out and locks the charger in place.
Then the light changes from yellow to flashing red, telling me there is a charging fault.
I tried lubricating the solenoid lock part based on other comments, but it seems to be working fine. It just comes out too late for the charger to recognize that it is safe to charge.
I tried both my level 1 charger at home and 4 different chargers at work (I'm lucky, I know!).

I contacted the dealer, but since the eGolf wasn't originally sold in our area they have no one that can work on it. They also claim that the mechanic who did the tire work wouldn't have touched any of the electrical components. AND that it is a complete coincidence that this happened the day after I had it in for service. ??

Any other suggestions for things to try? Does anyone have a VW dealer in the US they would recommend? I'd like to call someone up and see if we can troubleshoot over the phone. I will call around to the largest metro area about 100 miles from us and see if I can find someone around there to help.
I am kicking myself for purchasing a car that can't be serviced by the local VW dealer. I really didn't think this would be an issue. I should have waited for the ID4.

Any suggestions for getting the dealership to take my concern more seriously?

Thanks for any suggestions!
Stinks. Proving the dealer broke your car is going to be a challenge, unless you have some evidence.

Did the dealer charge your car while it was in for service?

Have you inspected all of the pins inside the vehicle charge inlet (with a light) to verify they are all in good shape?

What is the error message displayed on the dash?