Any way to recalibrate the battery gauge?

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Nov 23, 2023
I bought a used 2016 e-Golf in July. After several months of use, I've noticed a high degree of nonlinearity in the battery gauge.

  • After the low battery warning comes on at 18 miles remaining, I can barely get 8 miles.
  • At 25% it estimates ~21 miles of range, but I can barely get 12 miles.
  • At 50% it estimates ~42 miles range, but I can usually only manage about 18 miles before it hits 25%.
  • From about 80%-50% it seems to be pretty accurate. I'm averaging 4.7 mi/kWh long-term, and that's what I usually get within this charge range.
  • From 90%-80%, it drops very slowly. When I charge to 90% and drive to 80%, it usually displays 6+ mi/kWh.
  • Today I charged it to 96%, and the needle barely dropped after driving 9 miles. The car displayed 8+ mi/kWh, with a high of 99 mi estimated range remaining.

Is there some way to recalibrate the gauge so it evens out the % used per mile driven? I know measuring Li-ion charge state is a bit of voodoo magic. But the high non-linearity I'm getting is really annoying.

I've mostly been charging it only to 80% to try to reduce battery wear (as best as I can tell by using Chargepoint chargers, the battery has degraded to about 75% of new capacity. My mi/kWh is high because I mostly drive around town on level ground). Does it need to be charged to 100% occasionally to properly calibrate the battery gauge?