Automatic wipers

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Jun 5, 2015
I just purchased an LE and can't seem to get auto wipers going? I believe the LE also has this feature. It's activated in the settings menu. I watched the video and it says to click the stalk up one spot past intermittent. When I do that, the wipers just stay on? It was pouring rain today and no wipers other than manual. Is it not an included feature or am I doing something wrong?
I think it is the intermittent setting. That's where I leave mine and it seems to work. You can use the adjuster on the top of the lever to set how sensitive it is to rain.
Mine worked well this morning. Intermittent most of the time then went to full speed when I went through a large puddle.

The only thing that doesn't seem to work is that tafter parking and turning the car off, they don't wipe when you move into D to set off again (at least not as soon as I need them to). I usually kick them in to action by moving the adjustment switch on the top.
Thanks - it now works having left it on that setting. As soon as I turned off the car and beckon again.