Buy 2017 e-golf w/ only 9,500km in NZ?

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Apr 2, 2022
$40k nzd for a pristine 2017 e-golf.
I’ll save at least $20k with in in 5 years.
Heatpump, carplay, heated seats, the works.

Just concerned about the battery and it being barely used. Owner lived on and off out of country.
Had them charge it to full, and it’s displaying the range it should.
I’ll keep it between 20-80% if i buy today.
~3 years left on the 8y battery warranty.
How often do these batteries fail?
If it does here in NZ, no way it’ll make since to replace if I could even find one.

Am I being to worried about this?
Really love this car. Had about 6 gti/golf over the years and so ready for an electric.

It’s a Japanese import. Nav doesn’t work but thats fine, I’ll use apple carplay.

Does it have CCS port?

Displayed range is some assurance, but GOM displays range based on recent driving profile. The way I drive, I see 150 to 160 miles on GOM if I charge to 100%.

Can you take it for a long drive and evaluate pack health?

I have no sense of pricing.

Cells seem to be pretty robust in moderate climates.
I don't know if I would want a Japanese market e-Golf. My understanding is that VW used the J1772 port in the front grille like the Golf GTE plus a CHAdeMO port under the normal fuel filler door on the right rear for those cars. I would think that a UK market RHD car with CCS2 would be a much better alternative. However, I'm sure the Japan market cars are much easier to get in NZ. The CHAdeMO issue is probably going to be an issue for NZ market imported used EVs for a while.

Well, since the e-Golf is limited to 125A (50kW) anyway, maybe the CHAdeMO issue isn't that big of a deal. Looking at Plugshare, the CHAdeMO coverage in NZ actually looks pretty good.