Charging cable is stuck, HELP

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Jul 13, 2019
My level 2 charger has been stuck for almost a day now. I've tried locking/unlocking the car, resetting and unplugging the charger. Can anyone help?

****Turns out it was the MUSTART charger itself. Had to partially disassemble it to get it out. Returning it for the JuiceBox charger****
I believe you need to use a thin tool to push in the silver pin (above the plug locking lever) located on the car charge port. This pin prevents the locking lever from pivoting (the lever will pivot when you are able to fully depress the button on the charge plug). If you can push in the pin, you will be able to press the charge plug button and remove the plug. It probably makes sense to have the charging station unplugged when you do this. Best of luck.
If you haven't tried it, you could try the unlock button on the remote while pushing the charging plug INTO the charge inlet. I've heard of that releasing pressure on the pin and allowing it to unlock
More info, with a picture later in the thread, about stuck vehicle inlet plug lock solenoid.