Charging fault, charging port locked and won't let go

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I do not understand why nobody has tried to replace the solenoid only?

Is there a specific reason for?
If you bring the car to the dealer with this problem, front what I have read, the dealer replaces the entire charging inlet and cable assembly (connects to the battery pack for DC Fast charging and also connects to the on board charger at the front of the car), and if not covered under warranty, this is a very expensive job. Like you suggest, it seems easier to just replace the solenoid if that is really the problem. I am not a car mechanic, but do attempt DIY jobs very frequently. Based on the photos I've seen of the location of the solenoid, it does not look like a job for someone who lacks experience or is not confident of his/her repair skills. Additionally, I have not seen a part number for the solenoid, so I'm not sure how to source just the solenoid. I'm guessing the solenoid manufacturer does not have an interest in selling direct to consumers, so if VW does not offer this part, replacing it becomes a challenge. Keeping it working as long as possible seems to me to be the best and cheapest path to continued successful charging.
Thanks for your explanation.

I have found this, maybe it is helpful:
Very interesting. Thank you for posting this information. I found the part online:

Still, it looks like a tough repair job. It is good to know replacement of the whole high voltage cable assembly is not required, but it looks like it is a 5 hour job (I added up at the TUs, which I'm guessing is minutes, but if not, please correct me). Let's hope it does not happen too often. Keeping the charging port clean will probably go a long way to avoiding this issue.

I would personally go for these parts and get a second hand charge outlet with a newer type of solenoid.

These are the parts you need to get it the right way in the cable loom


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Did this job yesterday morning, Just to clean and lubricate it properly.
Took me 1,5 hour max to dis and re assemble again.


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I don't mean to sound judgy or sarcastic here, but how is it possible for that assembly to be so encrusted in dirt? Was the car submerged in muddy water from a flood or something?

All the spots were there is dirt are open to the elements. It is just above the wheel and next to the shock absorber. The high voltage cables are packed and protected.

Parts for E-Golf 2014-2016 85 KW European Version.


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Some pictures above are showing the European Type-2 CCS inlet. The North American cars use Type-1 CCS and the locking mechanism is different. So, be careful about the applicability of the various part numbers shown.