Climate control does not produce any heat when set to Hi

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Jun 18, 2019
I bought a 2019 SE a couple of weeks ago and my wife found the following annoyance today:
She was picking up our kid from the cold swimming pool, and cabin air was pretty cool (73F?) so she decided to heat up - and went all the way to the HI. However no success - no warm air, no hot air - just cool air, not near 87F+.
Later in the day, I was driving the car, and the outside temp was displaying as 76F, so I decided to try HI myself - same result, cool air all the way to the home, not a hint of warmth.

Is that normal? I don't think so, but may be I am missing something? Thanks!
It takes a few minutes to get any noticeable heat, in my experience. But the heater is less efficient than the seat warmer. Use that alone if you can.

Separately, as a Canadian I find the idea of running the heater at 73F/23C hilarious. I'm stripping down to shorts and a t-shirt.
Left the car with the dealer today - they say the heater is functioning within the specs. And feeling of heat could be subjective.
I pointed out that heater in-fact does not produce any heat even after 10-15 minutes of driving,
and I have to drive with wipers at night - as there is a lot of condensation on the windshield, due to the cold air.
Left car overnight - they are planning to contact VW (for the guidance?)
Condensation on the windshield is also suspicious to me, since even with the blower switched off, the resistive coils in the glass should be taking care of that...

Hopefully they get it sorted out for you quickly!
Got the car back from dealer. They did nothing. Now theit story is - heater will not kick in unless the temperature outside is below some threshold (68F?). Really weird, considering there is nothing about it in the user manual.
I guess I will check in a few months.