Clipper Creek Now Offering Factory Refurbished EVSE's

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Jul 25, 2015
For anybody interested in a L2 EVSE but are a bit put off by the prices, Clipper Creek is now selling factory refurbished LCS and HCS units for $300 and $400 each + tax and shipping, regardless of power output:

Availability is limited and for that reason you have to call them directly or email them to see what they have; no web sales. But if you can get one, and you have an electrical system that can handle it, a refurbished HCS-60 at $400 is less than half the price of a new one. These refurbished ones come with a one year warranty (new ones get a 3 year warranty). Not fancy but are rugged and well regarded in the EV community.

BTW Clipper Creek's designators like LCS-25, HCS-60 refer to the required circuit amperage, and not the actual power output. So an LCS-25 requires a 25 amp circuit and outputs 20 amps; HCS-60 is 60 and 48 respectively.

Note for 2015 eGolf owners: the Clipper Creek models are known to not work properly with the car's timer function unless the charging module is changed out (specific thread for that here: 2016 and later models don't have this problem.