Departure time is ignored and starts charging immediately

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Weird. I have a Clipper Creek HCS-40 and never had a problem with delayed charging with the 2017. Of course, it did not work with the 2015 until I had VW fix the car. Maybe you need to test at a public station to rule out your station.
What is the latest on this? The charge timer in my 2019 has never worked, and I need to take it to my dealer before the warranty (extended) runs out in December.

The service advisor on the phone I spoke with didn’t even know what a charge timer was, so I’d love to shorten their learning curve and troubleshooting time as much as possible.

Is there a final service bulletin or something that I can refer them to?
Do you have the time of use rate feature turned on? If you do, turn it off and try the delayed charging feature again. I use the feature almost every single day with no issues.
Hello everyone,

I do not want to go through whole topic but still I wanted to share this with you - main issue for me was caused by my own user-error.
From time to time car charged to 100%, I own e-golf 2019 almost two years and I just recently realized that I need to keep buton near charging port in mind. If it is on bottom button (with clock) then everything is working as planned in e-manager or in the app! If upper button is selected - charging starts immediately and it chargis up to 100% with no other questions.
I am sharing this with you guys because I have a ticket on VW with this issue for more than 5 months and final estimate from IT department was - that my car is broken and need to be repaired in service. Nobody for those months gave me any hint about this stupid button behaviour. (bad habits started after servers from application went down for few days and since then I had troubles, but never checked setting of button near charging port (that is short version of many and many emails and calls :) ).

Marry chrismas to all of you, hopefully this helps to someone!
The upper button next to the charge port will start and stop charging. For example, if the car is currently charging, indicated by the light above that button slowly glowing up and down with a green color, you can push the upper button and it will stop charging and change the indicator to amber. Only then can you remove the charging cable handle.

The lower button next to the charge port indicates and selects the timer based charging mode. This is only available if you have a schedule set. If the lower button is back-lit that means that timer charging is enabled. If you plug in while in that mode it will tell the EVSE to connect the AC power and it will sample the utility voltage available. Based on the voltage and current information from the EVSE it will calculate a charge start time and then it will blink the indicator light with short green pulses for a short time before the car goes to sleep. If you want it to charge immediately when the indicator is flashing the short green pulse, push the upper button and it will start charging.
I love this guy. That is how the emgr works and the outside buttons. It's much easier to understand you than the manual, many flipping thru pages!!

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