E-golf not taking air conditioning gas

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Jul 9, 2024
The air-conditioning stopped working, took it to Protyre who first took out 740 g of air-conditioning gas that was already in the car. 850g is the maximum the car takes.

When they went to refill the car an error came saying that the car would not take the gas and they suspected a leak. They told me to take it to a specialist. However, the car is still under one years warranty but when I called Vw have said they want £180 to diagnose the problem!

Any suggestions as to what the issue could be? Thanks in advance.
I’m sure that could be the reply to 90% of the requests on here! And that from a mod…🤔
Does your car have the heat pump? If yes, then when you evacuate and refill the system it needs to be done with a scan tool so that it opens all the valves up in the system. This is detailed in the service manual.
Hi- yes it does have a heat pump. That could explain the inability to refill the system if what you’re saying wasn’t done. Thanks for your reply will have a look at the service manual.