Error: Electrical System. Service Vehicle / Hybrid Component

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Apr 12, 2016

When I started my 2 month old 2015 EGOLF SE 882miles it gave me the following error:

"Error: Electrical System. Service Vehicle"

The health report stated:
" Detailed Report based on the diagnostic check on 06/05/2016
Status Electric System
Hybrid Components Stop the vehicle in a safe place as soon as it is safe to do so. Contact an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen service facility. Have the Hybrid system checked."

Despite the error I was still able to drive the car however could not charge it, the light blinked red.

After starting and stopping the car few times in a row the error went away.

Today I was able to drive to work and the error didn't come up.

I'm planning to get the car checked at the dealership.

I was wondering if anyone had the same "error" and what happened?

I've never heard of this particular issue. The only one I am aware of would basically render the car undriveable. Do you know if the car ever received the software update that was part of a safety recall? If not, get it done ASAP. More info on that here:
I don't think I got this update.

I'm bringing my car in this week i will ask about it.

Following up on my egolf issue. I brought to VW and they updated the software see below:

"you had faults for the coolant pump circuit low as well as databus errors. This was due to a software glitch that was known by Volkswagen and remedied through Technical Service Bulletins 93-16-02 and 87-16-12. The faults were cleared from the computer memory and the vehicle was test driven to verify repair."
Thanks for the concise bulletin updates. Keep rolling on what we hope are many more trouble free miles in your e-Golf.