Great VW 8 page article about batteries

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Jul 22, 2014
White Plains, NY (requires free sign in)

How Volkswagen Thinks It Will Undercut Tesla On Battery Cost (the reader comments are interesting)

Reading this reassured me the e-golf was the right bev to buy. VW is really committed to electric, and to have an electric version of the golf ice, which has won 4 car of the year awards as a gas car, is doubly reassuring

It's a Seeking Alpha article which doesn't require sign in or membership. It's coming up for me like a regular article. Anyone else having problems?

Thanks. It does require a free sign in, which I have had for years, so that explains why I didn't recognize the need to log in. It's an 8 page article which is too long to summarize. If anyone with a log on for other seeking alpha articles can read it, please post whether you think it's worth getting a sign on for

Or you can install NoScript and enable it and it will kill the "please sign up" popup and allow you to read the article.
When this thread was first started, I was able to read the whole article with out a login.

[Edit] And I still can read it with out login. [/edit]