Home breaker constantly trips at specific setting

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Jul 31, 2020
I have a 2019 egolf se. Had my electrician run a 60amp wire from the box to the garage. I use a Siemens level 2 charger and it has been fine for 2 years. However the last 3-4 months, I have not been able to charge it without tripping my breaker. The only way for me to charge it is to change the car setting from max to 13amps.

Troubleshooting I’ve done:
1) when I first had this issue, I was having the same problems charging at the train station. I brought it to the dealership and they said they “updated” the software and it should be fine now. I don’t have the problems at the train station or at school
2) borrowed my neighbors ChargePoint and it had no issues charging when it is set to max. Tried this over 10 times.
3) called Siemens and they sent me a replacement and it still has the same problem
4) I am dealing with the 13amps as I don’t want to buy a brand new charger but the problem is, I have the maximum charge to 80% gets ignored. I triple checked the setting and it always charges to the max. I am afraid this will lessen the batteries life span. When I charge at school, it only charges to 80% so I don’t know what the issue is.

Again, this is my 2nd Siemens charger depicting the same issue as the 1st.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have a hard time believing the dealer did anything to prevent your car from causing an ESVE to trip a circuit breaker - EVSEs, if designed and working correctly, pull their rated amps and no more, regardless of what the car asks for. Can you please explain in full detail exactly what the dealer did to your car?

You already found the solution: use a different charging station. Something is wrong with the Siemens station.