HOV Sticker Placement & Front Assist False Positives

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Nov 2, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
Our 2019 SEL was purchased in late February of 2020. The pandemic obviously shut everything down a few weeks later, before I had applied for HOV stickers. In 2022 with everyone slowly returning to the office, I went ahead an applied for stickers on New Years day and they arrived in mid-February. I applied them shortly after, following the guidelines of putting both smaller stickers on the front bumper, facing forward.

In the last couple weeks, my wife has experienced two incidents of the car "slamming on the brakes for no apparent reason". Both times were while turning out of a parking lot. I was quickly reminded of the "Front assist" feature that will auto-brake when the car detects an obstacle directly in front of it. Just doing some quick Googling, it appears this system can be a bit flaky, and owners are having to disable it:


Volkswagen, per usual, has been mute on the topic. The only recall we've received was for the chrome on the shift level wearing out prematurely.

Since the issue cropped up right around the time the stickers were put on, I'm thinking there's a correlation. But the front assist sensor is directly behind the VW emblem if I'm understanding correctly. Has anyone seen this, and can confirm the actual location of the sensor?


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My car has no ADAS other than parking sensors (not sure if that counts as ADAS). I have seen newer e-Golfs with a sensor in front of the radiator, in the lower part of the front fascia (located in the center of the bumper grill, under the license plate mount) and I assumed that is the radar sensor that is used by cruise control and AEB. Your placement of stickers seems fine to me (assuming AEB sensor is the one I think it is) and I doubt would interfere with any sensors. It could just be coincidence.