How to unlock the car with key if the 12V battery is dead?

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Jul 22, 2014
White Plains, NY
The manual on page 333 discusses emergency unlocking with the key (I presume because the 12V battery is dead.) But it shows a slot below the driver door lock sensor, but I can't see it on my car.

How do you get in the car to unlock the hood to be able to charge the 12V battery?

The door handle has a cap at it's rear that you pry off to access the key slot. There is a slot at the bottom of the cap -- use the key to pry it up while pulling the door handle to allow the cap to pop off. It can be a bit difficult the first time, and the cap won't come off unless you lift the door handle.
Many thanks. Very subtle and not very clearly illustrated in the manual unless you know exactly what to look for. I never would have found it and in addition I was mentally associating the slot with the sensor for unlocking the car.

Hope I never have to use it.

Ah. Okay. Thanks for the explanation on removing the cap to access the key slot.

Similarly, I couldn't figure out where/how to insert the key based on what I read in the manual...until I did a search on here.