mi/kWh different in app vs web

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Apr 30, 2015
Bay Area
Anyone know why the mi/kWh is different in the app vs. the Web site?

Also any way on the web site to fix the time reported being east coast time? Looked around but can't find a "time zone" option.

When you sign in on the web site, there is a Time Zone selection on the same screen that you enter your PIN. However, when I log in with the PDT setting, the times inside the Trip Data are still Eastern time. The times in the iPhone App are Pacific.

The trip consumption data on the web site is also wonky. The units are kWh/100miles. The car and the CarNet iPhone App report miles/kWh. Not only that, but the data from the two sources don't agree. For example, one specific trip:
Web Site reports 14.7kWh/100 miles = 1/0.147kWh/mi = 6.8mi/kWh
iPhone App reports 4.2mi/kWh for the same trip.
The iPhone App is much more believable.

CarNet Fail. Again.