New stylish charge point for VW e-Golf and other EVs.

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Jul 20, 2017
Andersen EV has recently released a stylish home charge point available in different colours and configurations. It works perfectly well with the VW e-Golf! Check out their EVSE specs on Amazon

Nice looking, but not $1,875 worth of nice looking for a 32 amp J1772 EVSE. The market would probably be for Tesla owners, as pictured on their web site, but Tesla's own stylish Wall Connector that can deliver 80 amps is only $550.

Good luck with this product. Maybe you can soak up some OLEV grant money in the UK.
bluedream84 said:
It looks great.

Not $1875 great, though. Form follows function. Most public EVSE's that I rarely visit, unless at the airport, people are too stupid to wrap the cords up neat, they drag them on the ground. I'd assume the same from anyone crazy enough to spend almost $1900 on this unit, making the cord wrap up feature superfluous.