Question About Markings on Headlight Switch

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Mar 3, 2015
I normally drive my SEL with the headlight switch in the "Auto" position - that way, when I need to turn on my lights, the car does it for me automatically.

I've noticed that when the car turns on the headlights, the foglight/DRL icon turns green but the headlight icon does not light up differently nor change colors.

So I manually turned on the headlights and the same thing occurred - foglight/DRL icon was green, headlight icon was no different than before. As a result, unless you look at what position the switch is in(which isn't super easy at night), the icons are illuminated the same whether the DRL/foglights are only on or if they are on along with the headlights.

Is it my car that only does this, or do others have this same anomaly?
Can anyone confirm that this is how their headlight switch on the dash illuminates?
Right, DRLs are always on. I'm just wondering if your switch displays anything different when you move the knob from the two headlights facing each other to the headlights on position. Mine leaves the first icon green and does not change the color or the intensity of the headlights on icon when the headlights are actually turned on.