Range for prospective Buyer, cold weather concern

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Jul 28, 2023
Hi guys, sorry for the newb question but I'm considering a used e-golf, 2017 or newer to get the 32.8kWh capacity battery.

I'm wondering if anyone with real-world experience can help me decide if this car would be appropriate for my needs:

My daily commute is 88km round trip and I cannot feasibly charge while at work.

About 40% of my commute is rural ~90kph, about 50% is highway ~120kph, and about 10% is urban. Sometimes the highway kms become stop and go kms for 10 to 20 minutes, turning a 45 minute commute into more than an hour. Occasionally another 5 or 10 km is added for stops to pick up things.

The climate here goes from 30C in summer to -30C in winter which is where my concern is.

I'm thinking that projected range minus degradation at 80kkm lifespan minus range reduction for cold weather minus 20% not charged to preserve battery life will end up being less than the required 88k total and I would be left having to find charge while at work if I wanted to make it home, when the weather was bad.

Thoughts? The car would be garaged overnight if that matters, so maybe 4C at the lowest, and I would charge it at 240V at home. If it were a deciding factor I probably could arrange storage at work about the same temp but right now it's just outside. Daytime charging will be problematic though.

Thanks in advance!