Steering Assistance Tweak (for firmer steering feel)

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Nov 21, 2023
Coming from cars that are slightly sportier than my newly acquired 2015 eGolf, its featherlight steering is one of the things that bugs me the most. Thought I'd share a tweak found by other MK7 owners, tested on my eGolf to work for those who have the same complaint.

The following was copied from VWvortex, not my own findings. With ODB11

1. Select Steering Assist 44
2. Select Adaptation
3. Select the steering assistance characteristic: Dynamic (note: on my car the default value was something like "driving mode", obviously I don't have such selection available)
4. Enter Security Code: 19249 (OBD11 posted an error but the setting went through and stayed!)
5. There was no confirmation from OBD11, but I immediately felt the difference and it stayed when I started the car again next morning

For more details or doing it using VCDS, check out the original thread on VWvortex:

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