Urano Gray versus Limestone Gray

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Jul 22, 2014
White Plains, NY
Has anyone seen an e-golf in these colors? Both colors in the sales brochure do not say metallic, unlike 3 of the other colors which do. Yet the dealers selling Urano on cars .com list it as Urano Gray Metallic, but the dealers selling Limestone list it as simply Limestone Gray.

The question is, is there any metallic in them and which do you think looks richer?

I think the limestone grey looks much more metallic. The urano grey seems very flat and tends to absorb light. Under certain conditions, it can be mistaken for black
When buying I got lucky and got a chance to see Urano, Limestone, and Reflex Silver nearly right next to each other at the dealer. They were unloading/unwrapping a new batch of e-Golfs from a truck that day.

The Limestone looks like what people usually call "metallic" paint. It has shiny flecks in it. The Reflex Silver is light silver. The Urano looked pretty flat (not flat like primer paint, but not "metallic") to me and nearly black. In dusk or darker conditions, the Urano looks black.
Limestone is also quite brown in sunlight. I personally wouldn't call it gray at all. Urano is definitely gray but looks pretty dull and flat. However, it's quite a unique color, if you're into that.
My Sister In-Law is picking up a Urano Gray today (I think). Ill see if I can snap some pics of it when I see it next...That would have been my second choice if Black was not on the lot at the time.
Night Blue is my favorite. My wife chose the Limestone, partially because it was available on the LE. Night Blue was only available on 2015 SEL.

My neighbor has a 2015 LE in Black. That combination was not an available choice on the VW web site, yet he has one.
Urano gray looks good in the sun - I saw it at the auto show and was really put off at how it looked in those lighting conditions (in the moment, I would have described it as "failed black").

It's nice that the e-Golf has at least one uncommon "color". Limestone is quite nice as a more conventional choice, though.