USA Maintenance Supplement re: Brake Fluid Change -anyone else?

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Sep 6, 2019
Just received a one page Maintenance Supplement to "All Model Year 2019 VW Gasoline Engine Vehicles" - it adds info about changing the brake fluid 3 years from the original in-service date then every 2 years after, regardless of mileage. I have not checked the Warranty and Maintenance booklet to see if this is any different from what was already there but.. what's up with the "gasoline" engine in the title of the document. I guess they are not customizing those for our (now obsolete) electric unit.

Anyone else got the same document?
I got the same thing in the mail last week. Straight into the recycling.
I got the same last week in the mail. As I am also a Pre-booker for the ID4, I immediately thought my letter from VWoA was for my Pre-Book, so I opened it like a kid at Christmas. Total BUST. Placed the supplement into the glove box book.