Wiper blade replacement

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Nov 2, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
Noticed some light streaking on mine this morning. They should last another year or so, but thinking I may as well replace them now since I'm about to order some new ones for my Subaru.

The factory blades on the e-Golf look very similar to the Bosch icons. Anyone know specs on them or have any other brands they've gone to and are happy with?
I got a set of the Bosch blades from eBay for slightly under $30 with tax and shipping that are working well so far. I called Santa Cruz VW parts and was told something like 50 bux so I opted for aftermarket Bosch. They are non-standard so the usual sources like Costco or local auto parts stores are out.
Yeah, I know with Subaru they'll take a basic $10 Fram air filter, print a Subaru logo on it, and charge $40 at the dealer. Decent blades at the local auto parts store tend to go for $25 each so the markup in this case actually isn't too bad, but still, no reason to pay more than you have to for "official" parts when we all know these are not made by VW.

I'm assuming the blades would be the same as any MK7 Golf. Some Google searching indicated the factory ones for the 2016 Golfs are a pair of Bosch "AeroTwins", part number 3397007863. However, I can't find this part number in the Bosch Catalog. Autozone says the matches are Bosch Icon 26OE/18OE. O'Reilly says the only match is Trico 25-260/25-180, which is odd because they sell Bosch Icons there as well.

Bosch AeroTwin set on Amazon for $27

Anco C-26-N and C-18-N pair for $25
Well I went with the AeroTwins and installed them a few days ago, got to try them out today during torrential rain. They said "A 863 S" on the box. It was funny because the tabs looked slightly different, but they installed without issue and worked great with no streaking or funny noises. Really seems these are the same as the originals.
When I changed the wipers on our 2015, I used the Bosch Clear Advantage. They appeared to be the same as the OEM.


I bought the rear wiper locally. I think I couldn't find it on Amazon.