Hopping wipers

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May 28, 2019
I originally purchased my 2019 e-Golf in May of this year. Since then, I obviously haven't had to use the wipers much. More recently, we've been getting a lot more rain, and the wipers have been hopping across the windshield. First I tried replacing the blades with some expensive Bosch units, but they still hop like the originals. I tried cleaning the windshield with windshield cleaner, dish soap, etc., but the wipers kept on hopping. Then I remembered I had some glass polish from Zaino Brothers. After a couple applications, the wipers now glide smoothly across the windshield like they should.
I'm guessing the glass must have had some sort of protective coating on it from the factory that caused the wipers to hop. Or maybe something the dealer applied. Maybe some sort of wax they used to make the car shiny on the lot. I guess I'll never know for sure. But I'm just happy I was able to solve the problem. And I'm posting here in case anyone else experiences the same issue.
Other than hopping wipers, the car has been fantastic! We have two other vehicles, and neither has been driven much since we got the e-Golf.
Thanks for posting, I've been having the same issues with mine. I'll try some glass polish and see if that fixes my problem as well!
Next time i would recommend NOT to use dish soap . It is designed to take out any type of grease and it may dry out the wiper blades as well . A good wash and heavy coating of Rain-X will make your glass smooth to prevent hopping and using your wipers during rain.
BomBoi said:
heavy coating of Rain-X

But be aware that putting any sort of washer fluid with additives such as Rain-X into the fluid reservoir under the hood will void your warranty on the wiper-washer system, as the additives will irretrievably clog the system and stop it from working properly. I'm not sure about others, but my e-Golf has a huge warning sticker about this on the cap to the reservoir.
BomBoi said:
@manybees Let me make myself clear to use Rain-X concentrate on the windshield and not their washer fluid product.

Thanks for clarifying @BomBoi. I understood what you meant, but wanted to make sure that if anyone did use it on their windshield that they didn't just think, Hey, I might as well put it in my washer fluid reservoir too.