2016 e-Golf in hot Texas!

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The Clipper Creek version at 12 amps at 120v adds 1.3 kw per hour to my battery, after recharging loses . I get around 6 miles per kWh. That works out to 7.8 miles of range being added per hour, with that EVSE unit.

There are very few here that are getting 6 miles per kW in their travels, not unless they stay off the freeway and drive like an old man. If you get 70 to 80% of the mile per kw that I am getting, take that factor in to account, and also take into account that if you bought used e-Golf and got a 120v 10 amp EVSE cheap unit, you'll lose another 20% of miles of range added per hour too, you are charging at a 10 amp rate, not a 12 amp rate.

I think most would be lucky here if the could add 5 miles or range per hour, and 4 miles per hour or less, is probably a lot more common than you think.