2019 Manual - Charging Recommendation

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Aug 17, 2019
Hello all,

1- The 2019 Owner’s Manual, on page 228, says that whenever possible one should use a J1772 public charging station or a wall box. Any idea if this recommended is for faster charging or battery longevity or both?

I plan on continuing to use the supplementary charging cable that came with the car. I only use the car for about 6 miles on a weekday and at most 40 miles on a weekend. On many I don’t drive at all.

The expense of installing a wall box does not seem justified unless battery longevity is at stake. Any thought on why VW would recommend a wall box over the charging cable (other than charging speed)?

2- I’ve set the maximum charge to 80%. But with a six mile weekday use, I was wondering if it is best (trip planning aside) to charge it back to 80% everyday or let it drop down to, say, 40 or 60% before charging. The timed/delayed charging configuration of the car delays charging until departure time, which makes me think that VW does not see value in charging sooner than later. Any thoughts?

Thank you. This forum has great information.
From what I have seen with other electric vehicles, it would probably be in the best interest to use the complimentary charger the car came with. As it will keep the car charged and also for better battery longevity, dont run the battery too low and dont charge above 80-90% (depends on preferences) since lithium-ion batteries dont like being too low or too full resulting in range degradation.
My use of the 2019 e-Golf is similar... roughly 16 or so miles round trip two or three times a week. I simply use the standard 110 connector that came with the car. I only have about a half-dozen charges so far, but I'm comfortable with a max setting of 80% and allow the charge to deplete to about 40% before recharging. Don't see any reason to keep charging every night unless I've planned a longer drive for the next day.
I don't know why VW recommends a wall box over the included L1 trickle cable. Maybe VW thinks you will be plugging and unplugging the trickle cable every day (this will wear our the receptacle)? From a battery longevity perspective, I don't see any downside. I like to keep my trickle cable in the car, so I can see it being a bit of pain to pull it out of the car every day, plug in for an overnight charge, and then put it back in the car the next morning. If you don't drive much and you only have to do this once a week, it's not too much of a pain.