Air conditioning seems too cold...

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user 1815

May 30, 2019
Maybe this is all in my head, but as the warm weather returns (I live in Minnesota) and I am using my air conditioning, it seems too cold. When I set the cabin temp at 76, it feels decidedly cold. Even 78 seems too cool.

Have issues been reported for the e-Golf and climate control/air conditioning? Mine is the 2019 SEL Premium, and it still has a few months warranty left.
Why not just turn the temperature up higher? Reduce fan speed? Turn on Eco mode? It sounds like the A/C is working just fine (very good) but the control algorithm is a bit problematic (not great, but not horrible either). There is a temperature sensor somewhere in the center console, so why not try vacuuming everywhere it looks like there is a small hole for temperature sensing, and the problem may go away.
So, I drove somewhere with my wife in the passenger seat, which prompted her side to go from "Eco" to some temperature setting. This seemed to restore the set point temperature so that the AC no longer seems too cold. I guess it was a control/software glitch. So unlike VW to have a software issue.... :lol:
Slightly different perspective, but I have noticed (Memphis gets hot-n-humid) that my range/efficiency is best with AC set to "HI" - and it still blows *plenty* cool (even cold after a few minutes). If I have AC set lower, say to "74", there is a noticeable drop in efficiency/range.
Almost same range/efficiency as having AC off and running fan set to "Lo" - which is best efficiency setting in cooler weather.
Seems weird that setting AC to "HI" would still feel comfortable/cool but that's what I'm observing.