Be careful with extension cords

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Mar 7, 2015
While picking up my car from the service department this morning, there was another e-Golf in for expensive service.

It turns out the owner was using his L1 EVSE on an extension cord, and the cord was sub-standard. It burned up the cord, the EVSE, and the J1772 port on the car. The car part by itself was $1,100 plus labor.

If you can, get an electrician to wire up a real outlet close enough to use the EVSE without extensions. Fire is a serious business.
Wow. I expected that a sub-standard extension cord could destroy the EVSE, but I'm surprised that it could damage the car.

You have to really go out of your way to find an extension cord that is up to the task for EV charging. That is why they say to NEVER use one.
I posted this in another thread about extension cords, but always check a new cord when doing EV charging. Use your hand to feel near every connection a few times over the first hour or two. It is ok for it to get warm to the touch but not hot.

A lot of extension cords have very cheap ends, so if you have a 14 or 12 AWG cord and are having heating issues, try replacing the ends with the highest quality ones you can find at the hardware store.

The other issue that I have seen is that the wall outlet is worn out and doesn't grip the plug tight enough. If it is your own outlet, they do sell commercial grade versions in the US that tend to have stronger sockets.