OpenEVSE with RTC for sale

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Sep 19, 2016
For sale a L1 12A and L2 40A OpenEVSE with real time clock.

This unit consists of a DIY ver 2 main board, Power supply, 80A rated relay, multi function meter with KWH, blue display board, and a RGB led display board. It has a 40A range power cable with a molded 14-50 plug. The J1772 cable that is from Quick Charge Power and it is twenty feet long. It is shown charging my eGolf.

Version 3 firmware is loaded

This can be a 32A or 40A EVSE. It can also be used on any J1772 car. Tony Williams recommends wiring the 14-50 receptacle as a 50A one although 40A is allowed since there is no 40A parts. For 50A the lines should be #6 and the ground and neutral can be #8. The neutral is not used and if you mark the receptacle EVSE only it can be left out. It really only adds a small amount and then you have a standard receptacle. The breaker should be 50A for a 50A circuit and 40A for a 40A circuit.

I have a female 14-50 wired for 50A that I used for my 40AS Mercedes B EV. The same EVSE charges my eGolf just fine at 30A. The Quick Charge cable is very small since it uses paired L lines, much smaller than a normal 30A cable. In fact Quick Charge no longer sells 30A cables.

This is for sale for $350 plus $25 for shipping. Local pickup near Disneyland is available.

This is sold ASIS but it is working. Payment is cash for local pickup or Paypal if I ship the unit.

I forgot to change the default current. As you can see the eGolf complies with the J1772 specification.
jeffy1021 said:
Great deal! If only this had come up a month or two ago...

I just build them in my retirement to keep busy. I sell them at near cost since I am not looking to support a family like vegasbrad.
How long is the charging cord that comes with This?
Also would not need a plug since I am already set up for hard wiring since I already have a 60 amp 240 circuit in my garage for my motor home
The cord is the default 20 foot length. I have used 25 foot cords in the past for my Leaf. A twenty foot cable just reaches my eGolf. My Mercedes B EV had the outlet on the other side so a 6 foot cord would work. It really depends on where you mount the EVSE. In my case the panel was outside (common in Southern California) and I mounted it on the rear of the panel. This made for very short wires.
It has a 40A four foot long electric range cable with a molded 14-50 plug(like Tesla uses). The neutral is not used so if you label the socket EVSE only you can ignore it but the wire cost vs the labor cost is minimal.
I was wondering if you can do charging to a specific level, like 80% charge on the e-golf. I have a 2015 and I can do this now with car-net, but would rather not use that network as it is buggy.
I currently drive a B250E and by default it charges to 80%. When I had my 2016 eGolf I set the timer to fully charge at 7AM. I set the initial charge level to 80%. When the car's charger shut down I unplugged the EVSE. That gave me an 80% charge. A couple of times I forgot to unplug the cable and it charged to 100%. That meant that I had to use up some of the battery for recuperation (regen). At 80% there was no problem.

I understand the 2015 cars have to use the internet. That was changed on the later cars.

Because the communication is rudimentary there is no real data exchanged so no EVSE will charge to a specific percent. Basically the pilot tone is a square wave and the EVSE modifies the duty cycle to indicate the available current, that's it no real data flow.
This unit was radically revised. It now has a German 24 foot 32A Ji772 cable and two 80A 12V relays. Sorry I put the 40A cable on my EVSE in the garage. Most cars do not need 40A.

This unit was driving me crazy. I changed out most of the stuff without fixing it's problem. It is working fine now but it was a challenge.
been away for awhile, my current 25 foot cord barely reaches the back of the car, originally had a leaf with a front charging port
Quick Charge power can make any length. Using one of the 40A cables at 30A you could go to at least 35 feet. They claim 30 feet is good for full power.

When I had a Leaf I switched from a 20FT cable to a 24FT cable. That was enough so I could drive in instead of backing in.

A 20FT cable just reached on my eGolf. Putting on a 25FT cable really helped,

I am back to a Mercedes B250E and the port is now on the driver's side rear. A really short 15 ft cable would work just fine. The 24 ft Quick Charge cable is really overkill.

It really depends where the EVSE is located as for the cable required. In my case it is to the front driver's side near the front door. This location was chosen since the breaker panel is there and a very short cable made it just fine. I used 8 feet for convenience but I could have used shorter.