Car-net rant and replacement stereo?

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Jan 7, 2021
This is mostly me just complaining about car-net and how useless they can be.

I own a 2015 eGolf Limited Edition, and I subscribed for car net when I got the vehicle because I thought I would need it. After a few months, I found myself not using it as much as I thought I would cancel it. So I called Car-net and asked them to cancel my subscription. I got a partial refund back, but I realized I didn't disable my scheduled charging, which is kind of an issue because I don't have the eManager in my car infotainment because VW forgot to add it in the 15s.

After a few phone calls with car-net and VW customer care, they basically said I need to resubscribe to disable the schedule then cancel the subscription. I would have turned it off before but the app and desktop clients are so garbage I ignored it.

That being said. Does anyone know if I can replace the infotainment unit in the Egolf with a newer one? At least a 16 or newer? because then I would have the eManager. And from my understanding, the only way to turn on the heated windshield is through the infotainment, I've looked at non-VW stereo systems, and I've been told that I would need a VW system to run the windshield. I know a few guys that know how to replace the stereo physically but I want to make sure that the software will still be compatible with the car.